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Why work for a full-service staffing company?

Below are the reasons why a staffing company might be a perfect fit or the next step in your career!

Always work to do

Staffing companies will always have jobs to fill so there will always be work available.



Are you passionate about a certain industry or have a niche? Are you considering a career change? Then Northwest Staffing Solutions Inc. is the place to grow your career. 



Working for a Staffing Company allows you flexibility in your schedule. 

How to Apply for a Staffing Job



Becoming an employee of a staffing firm is easy.

Just follow these simple steps to apply for a staffing job:

Laptop Work
  1. Register with one or several staffing companies. A company that has the ASA logo is a good company to start with. 

  2. Fill out an application

  3. Take any qualifying tests

  4. Schedule and attend an interview

  5. Get training, if necessary.

Northwest Staffing Solutions is an equal opportunity employer.

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