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5 Interview Tips That Will Make You Stand Out!

Northwest Staffing Solutions believes that excellence is the key to success. Together, we have compiled a shortlist of tips to make you stand out in any job interview. Here are 5 ways you can put your best foot forward.

#1 Dress Appropriately.

Making a good first impression is half the battle. The way you dress gives you an opportunity to make a statement about what you stand for even before you open your mouth. Dressing appropriately is dressing according to the job that you are applying for. Most cases this means wearing a suit, unless the interviewer stated otherwise. When in doubt go for a more conservative look. Avoid flashy patterns and bright colors and opt for muted tones like black, white, gray and navy. Aim for a clean, neat and natural look. If possible, take a shower or freshen up before the interview.

#2 Research the Company.

Doing your research about the company before showing up says that you are actually concerned about the job in which you are applying for. You take your work seriously. Visit the company's website and if possible, find out about the interviewer. Find out about the company values and mission. Know the key players of the organization and the important roles they play. Also, stay on top of news and recent events about the company.This will not only impress your interviewer, but you will also be able to ask better aimed questions, contribute to the conversation and offer helpful suggestions/ solutions.

#3 Clean up social media.

Nowadays social media is a major factor in the job hiring process. You may look good on paper and seem like the ideal candidate in person- but employers are still asking “who is he/she?”

Social media is a tool employers and hiring managers use to determine if an individual truly values what their company stands for. Make sure your resume is consistent with all your social media platforms. Everything does not need to look exactly the same, but you shouldn’t look like a whole different person on your Facebook compared to your LinkedIn profile. Delete or make anything inappropriate (ex., posts, pictures, videos) private.

#4 Show up early-at least 15 minutes.

Being punctual and showing up 15 minutes earlier will show that you value and appreciate the interviewer's time. It says that you are a person that takes work seriously and will not wait to the very last minute to get the job done. It will also show that you think ahead. Showing up to your interview will give you time settle in, collect your thoughts, use the restroom or fill out paperwork. Arriving earlier will also show that you are dedicated and reliable. This action speaks volumes in almost any relationship, especially professional ones.

#5 Don't discuss special needs ( ex., baby-sitting or transportation issues) on first interview.

Congratulations, you made it passed the resume-screening process! However, that still does not mean the job is yours. The purpose of the first interview is to make your resume come to life! Unless the interviewer specifically asks about special needs, steer clear of those topics. Focus on how you can be of service to the company and why they should hire you!

Go be great!

Northwest Staffing Solutions

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